What's happening in orthopaedic services
Services for people with joint pain 

Services for people with joint pain (orthopaedic services) are changing. Back in April 2013 healthcare commissioners, doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, came together with patients and patient representatives to discuss how these services could be improved.  

The work has continued since then and we now have a range of proposals. 

For more information about these see our orthopaedic improvement plan below.
Why we are changing the services

Our evidence tells us that around three quarters of all of the money that NHS NEW Devon CCG spends on planned orthopaedic care in Devon is spent on surgery.

We also know that we carry out more planned orthopaedic surgery per 1000 people in our population than in other similar populations and that the average age of people having these operations is comparatively younger. 
Our evidence tells us that around a third of people who are referred for orthopaedic surgery don’t fully understand what improvement they can expect in their quality of life, their pain or their mobility.

We know that some people, when they receive more detailed information just before their surgery, choose not to go ahead with their operation and a small number who have had surgery tell us they may have made a different choice if they had been better informed.
Our proposal is to provide people with more options for the prevention and management of orthopaedic conditions as an alternative to surgery.

These are things like pain management, physiotherapy, support to lose weight etc.

It is expected that this will help some people to postpone surgery until later in life and in some cases to remove the need for surgery completely.

Where these options have been tried unsuccessfully or surgery is the most appropriate treatment this will still be available.
Earlier engagement has helped shaped our improvement plans.

For more information on the plans and frequently asked questions please see the documents below. 
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