Alcohol and drugs
Drinking small amounts of alcohol is a pleasant social activity for many people. However, as the amount you drink and the number of times you drink increases, so do the risks. 

RISE (Recovery and Integration Service) is the Devon-wide adult substance misuse service, working with people with alcohol and drug problems. The service takes an abstinence-based, recovery-focused approach which means that it looks at the person (and their families) needs as a whole and supports them by linking with other agencies as needed. Click on the link below for more information.
Devon-wide adult substance misuse service
Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (IBA) - Plymouth
IBA is an interactive and practical course, which will build individuals confidence and understanding about how to raise and respond to alcohol issues in a straightforward and effective way.

IBA is an approach aimed at helping people who are drinking at higher risk levels and are not typically seeking help for an alcohol problem, to drink less.
IBA - further information
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