How to let the NHS know what you think
Tips for letting us know when you aren’t satisfied with services
  • If you aren’t happy tell us!
  • Staff aim to plan services well and carry out care well at all times, but service users can often add detail to make things better
  • So if something doesn’t work well, let staff know
  • If you have been upset and need time to recover, take the time but come back and say what went wrong
  • If you only tell friends and family, we won’t hear your message and learn from it.

Ways to let us know
  • Talk directly to staff caring for you. If it is urgent, do it straight away
  • If you are upset and feel uncomfortable, consider writing or asking for a meeting later to raise your issues
  • What you have to say is more effective if you have asked for time and a quiet place to speak
  • In a community hospital ask to speak to the ward manager or matron
  • In a GP or dentist practice, talk to or write to the practice manager or raise issues through your practice Patient Participation Group
  • They will be pleased to hear your views and feed them into practice planning where possible
  • Practice Managers can also speak to staff on your behalf to sort out problems
  • In other services, ask to speak to a service manager or ask for their contact details to write to
  • Think through your experience, take notes of the essential details and try to write down what main points worry you and what actions you want
  • This helps staff to identify the problems quickly and respond to you accurately
  • If you have more general ideas about improving services, which you would like to put forward, join a local practice support group, join local voluntary groups engaged in supporting patients and carers, or volunteer to join local planning forums. 
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