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Medicines for Self care: Don't wait for a doctor's appointment...go straight to your local pharmacy
This leaflet describes how you can manage non-urgent conditions yourself (self care).
Medication in schools: Advice for parents and carers of school age children
This leaflet provides advice on what to do when a child needs a medication and will be attending school
Understanding your asthma medication
This leaflet provides guidance on how your inhalers work. It is important that you understand how your inhalers work and that you have your inhaler technique checked regularly by a healthcare professional. This will ensure that you are getting the most from your inhaler.
Medication reviews in a care setting: Information for patients and carers
A medication review is a chance for your doctor, pharmacist or nurse to review the medicines that you are taking. This will make sure that the medication is working well for you and they are not giving you any problems. Click on the image to find out more about the medication review process and who to contact for advice.
Blood sugar (glucose) monitoring: Testing with a purpose
This leaflet gives guidance for those with diabetes not using insulin and knowing what to do with the results.
Good sleep guide
Click on the picture to view the good sleep guide. If you are having problems sleeping you can read about things 'not to do' and things 'to do' to help you with your sleep difficulties.
Gluten free diet
Click on the picture to access information on gluten free diet
Your osteoporosis medication explained
Click on the picture to view information on using bisphosphonates: Your osteoporosis medication explained
Ordering and obtaining your repeat medication
Click on the picture to access information about ordering and obtaining your repeat medication
The above leaflets have been produced by the Clinical Effectiveness and Medicines Optimisation team.

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Pain Management
You can access information about 'Managing your pain with over the counter medicines' directly from the British Pain Society
Managing your pain with 'over the counter' medicines
Please visit the British Pain Society website to access other patient publications. These are available here
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