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Care Homes
The link below directs you to the Care Homes pages. The pages include information about the Care Home Medicines Management Steering Group, supporting audits, guidance sheets and newsletters.
Care Homes: Caring for care homes team
Medication Review
Based on STOPP START version 2 this document is a tool to support medication review in the elderly designed to identify medication where the risks outweigh the benefits in the elderly and vice versa.
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Medicines Waste
The link below directs you to useful medicines waste resource information.
Medicines Waste
NICE Guidance
NICE Publications Bulletins

Monthly summaries are prepared of the guidance that NICE has published. Please click on the link below to view these.  
NICE Publications Bulletins
NICE Guidelines summaries for Primary Care

Local summaries of NICE Guidelines produced by clinicians as part of the NICE planning and assurance process of the CCGs in Devon can accessed via the link below. 
NICE Guidelines summaries for Primary Care
Patient Access Schemes - individual drugs 

Paperwork associated with medicines manufacturers’ commercial arrangements to provide the NHS with favourable terms can be found on the link below. 
Patient Access Schemes - individual drugs
Patient Group Directions
Patient Group Direction (PGD) is a legal mechanism that allows named registered healthcare professionals to supply and/or administer medicines to groups of patients that fit the criteria laid out in the PGD without him/her necessarily seeing a prescriber.
Patient Group Directions
Electronic Repeat Dispensing - Guidance coming soon
Repeat dispensing is suitable for patients on stable long-term medication for conditions which are unlikely to change in the short to medium term, for example:
  • Patients on single, stable therapy.
  • Patients with stable long-term conditions, for example, hypertension, diabetes, asthma.
Guidance on Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD
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