Infection control and tissue viability
The CCG's vision is healthy people, living healthly lives, in healthy communities and its mission is to commission high quality, sustainable services that promote wellbeing and care for people when they are unwell.

The CCG has a healthcare associated infections team which looks to advise and influence this vision and mission into health and social care settings. The HCAI team also has advisory responsibilities with the CCG for Tissue Viability matters.

These pages will provide some guidance and information to help you provide clean, safe, quality care in your health or social care setting. 
Infection Control in Care HomesInfection Control in Care AgenciesInfection Control in General PracticeTissue Viability in Care HomesTissue Viability in Care AgenciesTissue Viability in General PracticeNational Guidance, Information & PublicationsDiabetes Annual Foot ChecksSepsisAntibiotics
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