Gluten-free prescribing
We are reviewing the future provision of gluten-free prescribing.
People in North, East and West Devon can be prescribed gluten-free foods if they have a confirmed diagnosis of coeliac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis (DH). In 2015/16, the CCG spent more than £560,000 on prescribing gluten free foods.
In recent years, awareness of coeliac disease and DH has increased and gluten free products have become more readily available to buy from supermarkets and online. Whilst gluten free foods can be more expensive to buy than their gluten containing equivalents, direct purchase from supermarkets tends to cost significantly less than the NHS price.
The NHS does not provide food on prescription for most other groups of people whose conditions are associated with, or affected by, the type of food that they eat but which can be managed by eating a diet naturally free from certain ingredients.
We are seeking your views on the prescribing of gluten free foods on the NHS for adults and children with coeliac disease and DH in northern, eastern and western Devon.
We understand that it is important to consider the views of specific patients, clinicians and the wider public to be aware of the likely effects and impact of the proposals before we make our final decision.
We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this survey, so that we can fully understand your views before any decision is made.

The closing date is Wednesday 30 November 2016.
Click here to complete the survey online You can alternatively download the survey here
Please return completed surveys to the following Freepost address:
Healthwatch Devon, RTEK-TZZT-RXAL, First Floor,3&4 Cranmere Court, Lustleigh Close, Matford Business Park, Exeter, EX2 8PW
If you would like a large print copy of this survey or to complete it by telephone please contact Healthwatch Devon on 0800 520 0640.
The closing date is Wednesday 30 November 2016.
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