Decision-making business case
Your Future Care set out proposals for reconfiguration of community hospital inpatient services in the Eastern Devon locality in the context of a new model of care.
Following public consultation, responses have been reviewed, and this Decision-Making Business Case (DMBC) sets out information to assist the Governing Body of NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (NEW Devon CCG) in its decision-making.
The purpose is:
  • To provide an account of the further work undertaken by the CCG in response to the issues and challenges raised during the public consultation process
  • To set out the results of that work and assess the impact of the findings on the original proposals and options put forward in the consultation document
  • To review whether the proposals should be implemented, in what form and set out additional conditions, consideration or advice to strengthen the evidence informing the decision
  • To draw overarching conclusions from this post-consultation process and make recommendations to inform a decision by the CCG Governing Body
The DMBC should be read in conjunction with the Pre-Consultation Business Case and Consultation document and Plan, published in September 2016, which provide the background to the proposals and the content of the public consultation.
It should also be read in conjunction with the Post-consultation Report which Healthwatch Devon has described as offering a comprehensive account of processes and feedback gained.
Taking the findings from public consultation into account, and following the robust post-consultation process as described in this paper, the CCG Governing Body will be asked on 2 March 2017 to endorse the continued development of the new model of care and decide on the reduction of community hospital inpatient beds to 72, the future configuration of these beds and the assurance process for implementation.
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